Oh yes, If you are here to know about Valentines Day 2018, This year’s Valentines Day is on Wednesday 14 February – as it does every year.

Whenever Valentine’s Day occurs on a Wednesday or Thursday, many couples schedule their weekends for romantic getaway for the weekend prior or weekend after for the major celebration.

Valentine doesn’t mean that not only for couples but the person who is more important than anyone in your life is your valentine.

Here is all you need to know about Valentine’s Day and why we celebrate this day on 14th Feb every year.

History of Valentine’s Day

Every year February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between lovers all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is the mysterious saint and how these traditions developed? Find out about the history of centuries old holiday, from ancient Roman rituals to the customs of Victorian England.
Who was Saint Valentine?

The history of Valentine’s Day and the story of its patron saint-is shrouded in mystery. The legend of Saint Valentine is complicated by the fact that it is made up several different named Valentine and Valentinus. The Roman Catholic Church recognize Saint Valentine as a real saint who died in the third century in Rome.

Valentine was a priest when he defined emperor Claudius II. Claudius decided that unattached men for the better soldiers than those with families, partners and thus forbade them to marry.

However, Valentine defined the emperor’s diktat and secretly continued to marry young men and women. When Claudius found out, he imprisoned Valentine and order him to death penalty.

Another belief is that Valentine refuses to renounce his Christianity when ordered to do so by Claudius and then was imprisoned. While in prison, Valentine performed a miracle, healing the jailer’s blind daughter.

One variation of this legend says, that Valentine fell in love with the women and before his death, he wrote a letter to her beloved that he signed with ‘Your Valentine’. That’s why we celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Valentine week starts from 7th feb and here you can find Valentine Week List 2018.

Rose Day: Wednesday, February 7th, 2018.
Propose Day: Thursday, February 8th, 2018.
Chocolate Day: Friday, February 9th, 2018.
Teddy Day: Saturday, February 10th, 2018.
Promise Day: Sunday, February 11th, 2018.
Hug Day: Monday, February 12th, 2018.
Kiss Day: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018.
Valentine’s Day: Wednesday, February 14th, 2018.

Let’s Discuss The Valentine’s Day in Detail.

Rose Day

Rose DayThe first day of the Valentine week starts with Rose Day. There are some specific colors of flowers chosen for particular persons as per their importance. Like, it will be red colored or a pink color for the loved ones whom we love or chosen as love partner. There is a white colored rose for only best friend which plays an important role. On this day roses are exchanged.

Propose Day

Propose DayPropose the girl or boy whom you love the way you want. It doesn’t matter they will accept it or reject it. I will not sure, but this day nobody will slap or hit so, you just express your feelings to someone who is the heart of your life and breath of your life.

Chocolate Day

Even if you have missed the chance of expressing your feelings to your loved one then you can give them a pack of favorite chocolate or chocolate cake. One more thing to do by using his/her name say you are the part of my life in my dream would you be my real boy or girl? After all nobody loves chocolate.

Teddy Bear Day

Teddy DayTeddy Bear Day is an unbeatable day for girls as not a single girl who doesn’t like to have a small or big teddy bear as a lover. So boys make sure if you love someone or like than just make something special on Teddy day with Teddy. Mark your calendar don’t forget the day which you can have to make your dream off. I think that is a promise as gift from your loved one, whom you love that he/she never let you alone whenever there is any problem and contingencies arise in your life, then i will be there to stand by your side. Don’t worry if you forget the date i am telling you it’s 11th guys.

Promise Day

Promise-DayPromise day is prestigious day of the Valentine week. This is the day which is celebrated each and every person who wants somebody to keep closer for a lifetime. Promise Day is just a way to promise that they want to be with and prove it right.

Hug Day

Hug DayA hug that build trust and positivist in that person whom you are holding in your arms more than 30 seconds. So on 12th February, We will celebrate this day. A hug shows that whom you love and care. Will help you in create trust and belief for you so what are you waiting for? Just Go Ahead and Give a Tight Hug to Your Loved Ones.

Kiss Day

Kiss DayA kiss day that is the only day for the life partner start from this day and it’s on 13 February. A kiss more than 8 seconds transfer the bacteria’s and viruses that eliminates all the diseases. Yes, you heard it right and it is for the person whom you love so much. Don’t need to think too much. Just run for the person whom you love so much kiss him/her without hesitation.

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Valentines Day

Finally the day after kiss day comes a day of love, trust, honesty, beliefs and expression of your love is Valentine’s Day. A day which is frankly says, that how much you love that person. I have only celebrated this day once in my life and with my most closest female friend. I don’t have girlfriend. So, i will not mind that, if you will use ideas shared in this post. Celebrate the day of love and only love.


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