Top 10 Fashion Stylists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Fashion Stylists

Instagram is the most powerful tool for advertising and brand building. Are you using Instagram for your clothing styles? We have compiled the list of top 10 fashion stylists you need to follow on Instagram.

Sarah Slutsky and Johnny Wujek are the stylists who work hard for the runway, and do ad campaigns. Fashion stylists are the real deal when it comes to putting outfits together.

Behind every well dressed Hollywood star is a celebrity stylist.These fashion stylists work tirelessly around the clock to pull dresses, shoes, and accessories for photo shoots, movie premieres, and, of course, award seasons too. This is the time when we pay close attention to who is wearing what and vote for our favorite gowns or pantsuits. If the world of a stylist feels elusive to you, don’t worry.

Not surprisingly, many of the biggest fashion stylists are not a serious fans of Instagram. Given that they have everything from behind-the-scenes photos with celebrities on the red carpet to selfies with some of the biggest names in entertainment, we couldn’t be happier that they are sharing their personal moments with the world.

Top 10 Fashion Stylists You Need To Follow

We’ve collected 10 of the favorite Instagram accounts belonging to fashion stylists for you to check out and awe over. Scroll down there accounts and follow them all!

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