Are you excited to know what is fashion merchandising? In the ever-changing world of fashion, becoming a successful fashion merchandiser means mastering skills in business as well as design industry. One must be able to spot the trends in taste, style and blend these skills with finely-tuned marketing abilities. Saying “yes” to this art career guarantees a life filled with dynamic promise.

What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion merchandising is an exciting industry that demands both a passion for fashion trends and a sage understanding of business management. When most people think about the fashion industry they immediately think of fashion design. In addition to design, clothing items need to showcase into a retail store. They need to be displayed and marketed to customers, and they need to be properly stocked as items are sold. This is the business side of fashion – and this growing industry is generally termed fashion merchandising and management.

What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion merchandiser will have several potential areas to focus to make products as attractive as possible to customer so he or she is inspired to buy it. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. The role of a fashion merchandiser combines fashion trends and merchandising, which requires a strong sense of style and fashion in addition to business intuition. What does a fashion merchandiser do on a daily basis? Here are a few key responsibilities of a fashion merchandiser.

Fashion Trends Analysis and Forecasting

To successfully manage the profitability of a fashion retail store you have to be in tune with fashion trends to know what would be sell. To do this fashion merchandisers keep an eye on the latest fashion news, attend fashion shows, and communicate regularly with fashion designers. They have great sense to blend fashion with quantitative analysis to look at how products have performed in the past and forecast consumer demand for upcoming seasons.

Fashion Buying and Merchandise Price Management

It requires a strong sense of style and trends in addition to do business training. A merchandiser works closely with the team and make sure stores will be properly stock within the budget clothes. A merchandiser is work for the company to increase the revenue of business. If company is running multiple stores then merchandiser is also have to manage the inventory or latest fashion trends and upgrade the existing stock items.

Marketing and Promotion

A fashion merchandiser is also responsible for drawing customers for the products via marketing campaigns. Launching products in local and online needs digital marketing skills and a keen understanding of the product marketing. To get their products out of the world and getting customers they also need to design store display and develop sales strategy for the store.

How to Become a Fashion Merchandiser?

If you want to become a fashion merchandiser, a bachelor degree in the field is mandatory to entry level. Many schools offer a certificate programs as well as associate master’s degrees. The field can be highly competitive, so having strong post-secondary educational skills as well as experience through an internship or volunteer work is an essential.

Are You a Good Fit? Fashion Merchandising Skills and Qualities

As mentioned, fashion merchandising requires both fashion sense and business management. A professional merchandisers have to be passionate to use his/her intelligence of fashion trends to come up the ideas that will define the success of retail stores. So, candidates for the career should be prepared to use both quantitative and qualitative skills. Good fashion merchandisers are creative, up for a challenge, and unafraid to work in the ever changing industry environment.

There are some of the courses a student can expect to complete while earning a bachelor degree in fashion design:

  • Theory of Textiles and Colors
  • History of Fashion
  • Merchandise Planning and Management Strategies
  • Fashion Forecasting and Research
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Psychology of Consumer Behavior
  • Retail Management


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