What is a Fashion Designer?

A fashion designer is someone who studies trends and sketches the initial clothing or accessory design. They attend trade shows or visit manufacturers to select fabrics for manufacturers. They contribute to the creation of millions, if not billions of pieces of clothing and accessories purchased by consumers annually. Fashion designers create women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and apparels. It includes top wear, outerwear, underwear, casual wear, formal wear, eye-wear, and footwear. There are also accessory designers who design belts, scarves, hats, handbags, and jewelry.

What Does A Fashion Designer Do?

Fashion designers conduct clothing adjustments on prototypes of their designs and the final product which is marketed to the retailers. They manage the entire garment production from their initial sketch to final manufacturing and delivery. Most probably fashion designers do their own research while others depend on trend reports published by fashion industries across the world. Trend reports let them know what styles and fabrics will be popular for a certain season in the future.

There are different types of fashion designers; most designers are employed by design, manufacturing firms and do work regular hours, while some designers are freelance and work longer than usual under more stressful conditions.

Working at small or medium companies is often means designers are responsible for greater responsibilities such as pattern making and sewing, while larger companies employ a separate team for these tasks.

A fashion designer contributes in just about every aspect of bringing fashion to the public. Creating the basic design can be done in various ways. It can involve storyboards with sketches, to working with a dummy clothing model and sewing pieces of material together.

The phase of crafting is when the designer takes his/her vision that’s swirling in the mind’s eye and puts it into a visual expression. This first draft of the design is then worked on as the designer develops the first basic prototype.What Fashion Designers Do?

It is also important to have hands-on experience. While submitting an application for internships program in fashion design or manufacturing can give extensive skill set, other kinds of internships and jobs in the fashion and retail industry can be relevant, too.

By working directly with business owners and freelancers, whether that is through personal styling or sales, you can learn how to address client needs and improve your sales skills.

Wrapping Up

In addition, it is important to be computer literate because more design work is being done with designing software. An understanding of the lifestyle, culture, and their requirements is also needed in fashion design. Designers should have good communication skills and be able to express their ideas clearly. But most important is for designers, they have to be very original and have fresh, innovative ideas.



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