Does your makeup fade away with your dampness in the middle of the day in summers? Summers is at its peak, it is not the right time to experiment with the fresh and vibrant colors. From summer dresses, hats to nail colors, we all love to wear bright and vibrant colors then why not to add vibrancy in makeup too? Let us try the bright summer makeup tips,which will make you stay look super cute and sexy in this hot summers. How to do your makeup in hot summer? Here is step by step guide to do makeup in the summer.

1. Choosing Summer-Friendly Beauty Products

Use and Oil-free Moisturizer

Choose a moisturizer that is designed for your skin type: normal, dry, oily etc. If you will use “oil-free” or “Non-Comedogenic” moisturizer your skin will be hydrated throughout the day but without extra oils.

Apply sunscreen under your foundation

While there are plenty of cosmetics with available with added SPF, you will get the best skin protection by applying a layer of undiluted sunscreen before makeup. Sunscreen is essential for keeping your skin healthy and preventing skin related problems.

If you have sensitive skin, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide based sunscreens are the best choice, make sure the SPF is at least 30.

Use gel and liquid based products

Cream based makeup tends to melt faster than liquid or gel based makeup. Not only melt, cream based formulas tend to feel greasy and heavy, which could be uncomfortable in hot day. Select a liquid and gel based beauty products.

Summer Friendly Products

If you like to use BB-Cream for natural look, try a light layer of liquid foundation instead, it will give you the same look, feel lighter and last longer.

BB-cream stands for blemish Balm or Blemish Base. It has lighter texture than a foundation which is suitable for all skin tones.

Try liquid concealer

Concealers comes in 2 forms: a creamy crayon and liquid-filled tube. During this summer, you want to choose latter because it is less likely to melt off.

Use water-resistant cosmetics sparingly

Waterproof makeup is designed to hold up to sweat and resist running and smudging. However, use it regularly can be super sticky for your skin. Waterproof mascara can also make your eyelashes tense if you wear it too often. Unless it is special occasion and waterproof makeup is an absolute must (e.g. for a summer photo shoot or a photo shoot at a pool) look for makeup  water-resistant instead of waterproof.

Avoid waterproof makeup that containing silicone as primary ingredient. Too much silicone can clog up your pores, leading to irritation and breakouts.

Water-resistant beauty products containing polymers like acrylates copolymer and isododecane are safer for the skin than silicone-based beauty products.

Don’t forget to remove waterproof or water-resistant makeup, when you are done with high-quality, oil-free cleanser.

Choose cheek stain over powdered blush

In most cases, you want to stick with powdered makeup, but when  it comes to blush, you actually avoid powder. This is because powder blush is more likely to looking cakey in hot day, Instead choose cheek gel or stain.

Purple Lipstic for Summer

A creamy formula is  also a good option, but be sure to blend it perfectly and apply translucent setting powder over it.

Wear lip stains instead of creamy lipstick

Thick, matte lipstick can look and feel too heavy in the summer. A lip stain, however, will give you a long-lasting touch of colors. If you need extra moisture apply a lip balm first.

For you making your look natural use pink and peachy shade. For a bolder look, try a brighter shade, like tangerine or grape.

An amazing alternative to lip stain is tinted lip balm or lip gloss.

2. Create a Summery Look

Use Bronzer for Sun-Kissed Look

Always focus on the areas that sun naturally touches, such as  forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose. Use a powdered bronzer instead of cream based or liquor based product, that will be easier to apply.

If you have short hair length and like to wear your pulled up, apply some bronzer onto your neck, or ears as well.

Choose Matte over Shimmery Products

Shimmer  is a great way to give your skin a dewy look, but the hot weather will make your skin look dewy. Opt for matte  finish over shimmery, because shimmer will only make you look sweatier.Create a Summery LookShimmery eye-shadow, bronzer, and lip gloss are fine, but stick with matte foundation.

If you like to use highlighter, choose something with matte, non-shimmery finish.

Try a bright, Vibrant color for your blush or eye shadow

If you don’t like bright colors, then you don’t have to; this is just an option.  To keep yourself from looking too sweaty or overheated, consider using bronzer or peachy color tone instead of pink blush.

Wear clear mascara, instead of colored mascara

Unless you are going for a dramatic look, clear mascara will be enough to make your lashes look longer and fuller. It is also likely to smudge in the summer.

If you want a dramatic look, then choose dark brown or black mascara, but make sure that it is waterproof or water-resistant and be careful not to rub your eyes.

3. Prevent Your Makeup from Melting

Keep Your Makeup Light

Heavy makeup will always looks burst. It will more likely to melt off in hot days. Keeping your makeup light is not only helpful to make you look fresh-faced throughout the day, but it will also feel more comfortable.

Limit yourself to just tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, and mascara.

The fewer products you put on face, It will be better. Skip the contouring and highlighter and avoid layering on the powder and concealer.

Apply primer to keep your foundation in place

Primer will help fill in any pores and fine lines. It will also help keep your makeup sticky, which will come handy on a hot, summer day. Some primers are even formulated to reduce shine.

Apply primer after your moisturizer and sunscreen, but before your foundation.

Primers come in both tinted and clear formulas.Tinted is tend  to cater for medium or fair skin, So, if you have pale or dark skin, a clear formula might  be better for you.

Make your hair in an updo to keep it off on your face and neck

Much like you would wear shorts and tank tops to keep your body  cool and sweat free, Keeping your off of your neck and back will keep your face dry and sweat-free too. It will also help you to stay cool in general.

A simple bun and ponytail can be fancier, like braided crown or braids.

If you have bangs or short layers that frame your face, clip them out of the way with hair clip or bobby pins.    

Wrapping Up

Summer is full of wonderful things — but melting makeup, smudged eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick are not among them. Doing makeup in hot summer months is more of a chore than an enjoyment. Sweat-proof makeup can be hard to achieve! Why not try forgetting makeup altogether.

If you’re thinking too about skipping you complexion perfecting makeup products like foundations and cover up. You can use some high quality makeup kits by premier brands. Finish off with tinted or bright colors in summers.

We have shared our best tips for keeping your looks good in the hot summer months. Do you have any tips related to summer makeup? Please let us know.



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